TEDx Vienna: The Art of Cognitive Blindspots

Here I perform a classic of magic to demonstrate a phenomenon called inattentional blindness. At any moment, we have limited cognitive bandwidth, and so our brains focus in on what it believes to be important and filters out the extraneous. As a magician, I try to play with those filters, and if I can flood that bandwidth with trivial details, the obvious can go entirely unobserved.


Penn & Teller: Fool Us

This clip is a good example of the humor that I bring to each performance. Penn & Teller are two artistic heroes for me, so I was deeply honored by their comments at the end.


America's Got Talent

In this clip, I perform for the judges on Season 12 on America's Got Talent. This is an original trick that I devised by combining several classic sleight-of-hand methods.